GreenWatt’s biomethanisation unit - something "made-to-measure"

GreenWatt's know-how

Thanks to its R&D Department and its own laboratories, GreenWatt has developed solutions for a wide variety of substrates: from carrots to Barbary fig trees to waste water.

The biomethanisation units treat organic waste from either single or multiple sources, with or without (liquid) manure.

GreenWatt designs and builds biomethanisation units "on-site" for agri-food industries, fruit and vegetable producers, as well as for smaller sized farms.

GreenWatt's technological expertise


Digestion in 2 phases

  • Separate phases of acidification and methanisation
  • Significant increase in the installation's robustness
  • Allow flexibility in quantity and quality/type of organic waste



Patented HYFAD (High Yield Flushing Anaerobic Digester)

  • Fixed-bed turbo reactor with compact design
  • Can take ~4x the organic load of a standard reactor
  • High performance for high content waste water


So GreenWatt offers a customised solution for each client.